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U.S. Operations

A winner of Innovation Award at Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, wanted to brand itself as an U.S. company. It planed to roll out its products in Japan and the U.S. before it does in its domestic market. RDK Partners worked as its U.S. entity – we registered the company’s U.S. business, hired its employees, managed contractors, ran social media campaigns, contracted a warehouse at low rent, managed customer support, determined the best sales outlet, and brought in purchase orders from retailers.

Corporate finance - M&A

An environmental engineering firm in New York State operated two subsidiaries – environmental consulting and waste management businesses. It wanted to strengthen its presence in New Jersey. Given its team members and financial resources, the Client and RDK Partners agreed to acquire a private company in the same sector. RDK Partners reviewed the short list for the $45 million company, conducted due diligence in three weeks, estimated valuation range, and advised on its acquisition.

Corporate Finance - Bankruptcy

A $250 million company filed for bankruptcy protection in Korea. Its debt was over $300 million. RDK Partners was involved first with renegotiating with its international clients on existing contracts. We upend contract value and changed payment terms in a way that the client could keep $50 million cash untouched. We drafted strategy memos on corporate restructuring, and provided best options for founding family. Working with local partners, RDK Partners finalized a 10-year repayment plan including debt for equity swaps and sales of non-core assets. Our team led negotiations with creditors, and received final approval from court within five months.


An Asia conglomerate was actively searching for new business opportunities besides its core business. Her government asked the client, once a state-owned, to consider agribusiness because the country’s dependency on imported grains was alarming during commodity price hikes. RDK Partners offered thorough strategic research paper on potential synergies between existing and new business, core competencies of existing market players, and expected ROI. We concluded that it would not be worthy it. Its top management discussed our conclusion. CEO finally decided not to pursue the opportunity.